*Artsy frowns, but nods, giving a silent okay* .... Once, did you still wanna...?

Mhm. C’mon, let’s go!

*he nods, shaking slightly* U-uhm... Y-yeah... I'm fine... *he changes the subject* I-I uhm... Brought some marshmallows... We could head to one of the fire pits and start a little campfire to roast them in...!

Yeah! That’d be a nice way to end the night. Let’s do it.

I’d rather go to sleep early. I’m still tired. Mind if I skip tonight?

*Artsy is taken aback by the possessive comment, but blushes. He looks away, and frowns* I-I.... D-don't.... .... *he sighs* .... O-okay....

*Once-ler looks at Artsy concerned* Art? You okay?

*he purses his lips* But can't I visit when she's not around..?? Can't I visit at all...? And why would teaching Oncie how to cook be so bad...??

There’s nothing wrong with teaching him, I just want you safe!! I don’t like her, I don’t like his sister and brother, you’re mine!!

*Artsy looks up at Greedler and frowns* and why not...?

Because. We told you, his mom doesn’t know I exist. I want to keep it that way.

*he perks up* a-ah...! If you like I could teach you to cook...! Maybe I could come over to your house sometime after camp is over...!

You’d… do tha—

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

*shakes his head* I'm not making fun of you, Oncie, I do housework all the time...! It just makes me imagine you in an apron trying to take care of everything and let me just tell you it's one of the most amusing things I've ever envisioned...!! *he laughs* !!

Oh, I don’t cook or anything, I just clean and fix things. M-my sister cooks.

*he perks* You do housework now...?? *he lets out a small giggle* ~!!

W-well yeah! W-why wouldn’t I start doing it? My sister does enough as it is… I should help more.

*he smiles, and leans on Greedler, giving a soft purr. He looks over at Onceler* Hey... Oncie... Are you still doing archery...?

Nah, I started focusing on more school stuff… working around the house, too.

*he smiles sweetly* you guys and my brothers...! You mean the world to me...!!

*He smiles* Thanks… you mean the world to me too.

Well... It's nice out here... I forgot how pretty all the nature is, here... and it makes me happy.... And spending time doing nothing with you guys is nice because it makes me feel like today is just a normal day and not some special event like this is something that could happen any day at any time and.... This is what I would like to be a normal day for me....

…And… if you got that… who would you want around with you?

*he snuggles Greedler gently and sighs softly* Today is just a nice.... A nice day to relax... I'm so excited to be with you guys... And do lots of fun stuff... But this is just amazing in itself right now...

Really? How so?